Migraine Prevention

A Message From Dr. Steinberg Regarding Headache Prevention:

Did you know that I am headache-free, after suffering with migraine headaches for the first 21 years of my life?

I have remained symptom free for the last 16 years because of a unique headache prevention protocol that I designed for myself, called The Headache Preventive Lifestyle. Over the years, I have come across many patients in my private counseling practice who suffer terribly in the way that I did for so many years. I began to teach them the techniques I developed to reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of their own headaches. Because of their successes and the great impact it had on their happiness and well-being, a sister practice, called The Center for Integrative Headache Prevention , was born.

A Primary Headache such as a "tension headache," "migraine headache," "menstrual headache," "vestibular headache," "cluster headache" or "stress headache," is defined as one that is not caused by any sinister condition or disease, such as a tumor or aneurysm. All types of Primary Headaches can be prevented (naturally!) with the right know-how. If you or someone you know suffers from any type of Primary Headache condition and has already been evaluated by a physician, I encourage you to ask me about how living The Headache Preventive Lifestyle could be a tremendous help and lifesaver!

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